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Make Your Photos Work for You

Here are 11 tips for photos that will make your press releases, blogs and social media posts zing!

JPR Group photographer
  1. PEOPLE –Photos should contain a live person, not just inanimate objects or signage.

  2. CLOSE UPS – Get close to the person you are photographing. We want to see expressions and facial features on people. Have them looking at the camera if possible.

  3. CANDID PHOTOS – Take photos of people doing something, but be sure to get their faces – preferably facing you.

  4. POSED PHOTOS – Perfect for awards, important visitors, etc. Be sure the subjects are holding the award, shaking the hand of the VIP, or standing side by side.

  5. PROPS – When taking the photo, see what is showing up as you look through your lens. You may want to add a prop or two to make the photo more interesting (book, plant, etc.).

  6. BRAND – When appropriate, have your company logo appear through signage, name tags, logo on something, etc.

  7. BE THE DIRECTOR – Take some time to think about the setting and how you can make it, and the people, look best. Don’t be afraid to ask people to pose a certain way. They will appreciate your concern. Check everyone in the photo to be sure clothes are neat and well fitting.

  8. DETAILS – When taking the picture, look at the details that are showing up in the photo. Are they appropriate? Do they look good?

  9. LIGHT – Take photos of people away from bright, direct light.

  10. FLASH – Use the flash on your camera most of the time, even when outdoors.

  11. RESOLUTION – If you are taking a photo and can set the resolution, be sure it is on a high setting.

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