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Making it Visual

Growing by the minute, social media platforms Pinterest and Instagram are taking over the world of visual display. Both increasing in popularity and constantly updated, the potential is huge for brands. In simple terms, both Pinterest and Instagram are visual platforms that easily display pictures, digital illustrations, graphics or visual information in order to be shared.

If your company or brand has particular content that is produced, why not share it on Instagram or Pinterest. Instagram allows one to start a picture series attached with #hashtags and perhaps a hyperlink in order to engage with followers. An Instagram series basically means that you would create a brand or company profile, and add pictures or videos daily/however much you desire to engage with your audience. On Pinterest you can add a pin to a Pinterest board in which one creates. For example if you have a client who likes to share their ideas, you can visually share the idea with a “visual quote.” A visual quote is an original quote, set on a good quality (and highly engaging) photo, or original artwork, with the quote and website included (so that it becomes shareable while increasing brand awareness). These platforms allow for unique information to be shared and displayed in a visually appealing manner i.e. to keep interest or awareness relevant.

These platforms give you endless ways to boast about your brand, culture or company. Even a photo of the staff, your mission statement, new project ideas etc. allow for positive and stimulating engagement. One can promote a campaign and create a picture series or pin board in order to show improvements, advances or prove points. The potential for a more promising campaign and outcome from promotion using Instagram or Pinterest is enormous.

You can expand your efforts by reposting your Instagram photo or Pinterest board to Twitter or Facebook.

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